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답변 완료 William A Vetarbo 2022.11.08
CX2510 Kioti tractor 3-pt hitch problem
답변 완료 William A Vetarbo 2022.11.08

In June of this year I ordered a CX2510 Kioti Tractor from Trinity Sales in Colton, California and had it shipped to my home here on Guam. Unfortunately there are no Kioti dealerships here on Guam. The tractor has been working flawlessly thus far. All of a sudden my 3-pt hitch stopped lifting. My hydraulic pump is working because the front loader still operates as is should. The 3-pt lift will not lift when I move the control lever. I have taken out the MLS valve and checked it out as per the instructions in the manual. Nothing abnormal appeared. I next checked out the lift cylinder and the piston in the cylinder appeared to be un damaged. it moves freely back and forth within the cylinder. All the mechanisms within the lift assembly are intact with no damage shown. My conclusion is that the cylinder is not getting hydraulic pressure. Other than a malfunctioning MLS valve, I have no other idea what it could be. I would appreciate any information you may offer as to solving this problem. Please keep in mind that the tractor has less than 15 hours of operation and has functioned perfectly until now. Also, the unit was not put under any excessive strain at the time. I was trying to lift the grader back up so I could put the tractor away. Without a dealer here, I have little alternative except to ask you for help. Thank you for any information you may offer. Bill Vetarbo Yigo, Guam

[답변] 2022.11.16


PCV valve(MLS valve you described) would  be damaged.

Plesae try to repair the valve accroding to the manual attached.

In addition, we recommend to contact KIOTI dealer.